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Hear it from the students

uxfactory testimonial from harish

Harish Kumar

Information Architect

uxfactory testimonial from harish


Full stack Developer

uxfactory testimonial from harish

Ben Johnson

CEO of Company Inc.

UXfactory is a best platform to enter into an IT . Had a great experience learning from them. They helped me with the interview preparation after the course and I am placed in Creceintech, Blore.

uxfactory testimonial from K Deepak Kumar

K Deepak Kumar


I am very happy that I joined UXfactory. It helped me in upskilling myself in web technologies. They mentored me throughout the training & interview process. Finally, I am placed in TCS.

uxfactory testimonial from Arata Manikanta

Arata Manikanta


Uxfactory is really good. Teaching techniques, handson activities resulted in practical knowledge. I got placed in Accenture thru their placement cell. Highly recommend people to join UXfactory.

uxfactory testimonial from Voleti Venkata Lakshmi Srilekha

Voleti Venkata Lakshmi Srilekha


UXfactory is a platform where we can learn from the basics of SW dev. Despite being from a non-IT background, I was able to crack interview. I got placed in Deloitte.

uxfactory testimonial from Jasti Mohan Krishna

Jasti Mohan Krishna


UXfactory provided career path to me. Naveen, Rahul, Praveen were my mentors who are very passionate about coaching. Urvashi focused on communication essentials. I got placed in Accenture.

uxfactory testimonial from Kamatam Pullareddy

Kamatam Pullareddy


The whole team of UXfactory is professional and guided me throughout the training and placement process. I got placed in Aster. I highly recommend people to join UXfactory.

uxfactory testimonial from Bhavana S

Bhavana S


Rahul sir helped me a lot with interviews and career guidance. I will rate mentors 10/10. UxFactory is the best online training agency for front-end bootcamp. I am placed in HCL Tech.

uxfactory testimonial from Sesetti Devi Prasad

Sesetti Devi Prasad


When I joined UXfactory, I had zero tech skills, as I from mechanical stream. I see major changes after enrolled. Their career guidance boosted my confidence and I am placed in TCS.

uxfactory testimonial from Chevvu Amarnath Reddy

Chevvu Amarnath Reddy


UXfactory is one of the best training centers. Mentors and their overal system were top notch. I joined HCL Tech with their support. I highly recommend people to join UXfactory.

uxfactory testimonial from Koteswari



It was such a nice journey with UXfactory. They start from basics of computers and deep dive into each UI technology. They helped me with the interview process. Highly recommended.

uxfactory testimonial from Kesana Rajesh

Kesana Rajesh


I really like the teaching techniques of UXfactory. I liked guest lectures concept. Post training, I got placed in top 3rd MNC in India. Way to go, UXfactory!

uxfactory testimonial from Immella Veerendranath

Immella Veerendranath


The overall experience at UXfactory has been really good. Got placed in HCL technologies and UXfactory has been really helpful thru out the process. I really suggest others to join.

uxfactory testimonial from Puli Triveni

Puli Triveni


UXfactory mentors are very helpful & their teaching method is great. They start from ground level and take us to advance levels. I finally got placed in an Indian MNC!

uxfactory testimonial from Chodisetti Venkat Vara Prasad

Chodisetti Venkat Vara Prasad


I have done BTech(EEE) and joined UXfactory for learning UI. Their teaching techniques are very unique and mentors are very helpful and accessible. I am placed in HCL

uxfactory testimonial from P Ramadevi

P Ramadevi


It was a wonderful experience with UXfactory. Not only my technical skills improved but also my communication. I got a great opportunity with HCL technology for the role of UI designer.

uxfactory testimonial from Pavan Neeli (Nani)

Pavan Neeli (Nani)


UXfactory is a good platform to learn front end technologies. Mentors explain concepts very well and in simple ways. I highly recommend people to join uxfactory.

uxfactory testimonial from Rajyalakshmi Neelisetty

Rajyalakshmi Neelisetty


My experience in UXfactory was great. I worked on projects on multiple web technologies. UXfactory helped in interview preparation and I joined an MNC company as a UI developer.

uxfactory testimonial from Tadikonda Anirudh

Tadikonda Anirudh


My experience with UXfactory was excellent, the way mentors help students and placement prep led me land a job with HCL. I would definitely suggest my friends to join in UXfactory.

uxfactory testimonial from M Sneha

M Sneha


UXfactory is one of the best institutes to start our career. Their ways of teaching are an inspiration. Post completion of each topic a review and gaming tasks were assigned.

uxfactory testimonial from Kamidi Deva Raviteja

Kamidi Deva Raviteja


Best institute to gain coding knowledge and Techinal skills. Training sessions are really amazing and highly interactive.

uxfactory testimonial from Basireddy Jagannath Reddy

Basireddy Jagannath Reddy


UXfactory helped me start my career with HCL. The mentors are very friendly and supportive. I highly recommend students to join them to land a dream job!

uxfactory testimonial from Kagitala Srinivasa Rao

Kagitala Srinivasa Rao


UXfactory is one best platforms for learning and gaining UI knowledge. UXfactory provides replay recordings post classes. Very punctual and very responsive team!

uxfactory testimonial from Cheedella Venkata Kumudha

Cheedella Venkata Kumudha


I had a great experience with UXfactory. Teaching techniques are amazing. It includes hands on activity, regular assignments, interactive sessions, guest lectures, career prep.

uxfactory testimonial from Haleema Sulthana Shaik

Haleema Sulthana Shaik


UXfactory teaching techniques are unique. Their guest lectures on weekend were informative. Mentors helped us in every task, concept and in career preparation. I am placed in an MNC.

uxfactory testimonial from Marisetti Prudhvi

Marisetti Prudhvi


UXfactoy is a great platform for learning UI. They have best mentors in India. They serve students like customers! Way to go, UXfactory!

uxfactory testimonial from Bhavani Prasad Yerubandi

Bhavani Prasad Yerubandi


UXfactory was very reliable! The training sessions were really good. Assignments were given for practice followed by revisions. Highly recommended to aspiring UI developers.

uxfactory testimonial from Juhi Arshiya Syed

Juhi Arshiya Syed


Post joining UXfactory, I learnt web technologies in depth. In the end, I developed a mini project using React and Redux with the help of my mentors. I got placed in HCL.

uxfactory testimonial from Rama Eswari Diddi

Rama Eswari Diddi


UXfactory did a great job in providing frontend development training. They organized guest lectures every weekends and hands on activity for each technology. 5 star rating!

uxfactory testimonial from Bheri Rajesh

Bheri Rajesh


One of my friends suggested me about UXfactory. The mentors were very helpful right form the begining till the end. I got placed in Indian MNC.

uxfactory testimonial from Gode srinivas

Gode srinivas


I really enjoyed their bootcamp. The work load were just enough, so I could balance everything and not feel over loaded. The experience of this program has been nothing but positive.

uxfactory testimonial from D Sai Venkat

D Sai Venkat


I had a good experience at UXfactory. Not only they scaled my technical skills but also intervew skills. Great trainers and great techniques. I got placed in HCL.

uxfactory testimonial from Anaparthi Visalakshi

Anaparthi Visalakshi


I joined UXfactory to take training on UI tech and within 12 weeks of training I could see major changes including being placed in a reputed MNC.

uxfactory testimonial from Prashanta kumar

Prashanta kumar


UXFactory started providing training from ground level to advance level in each UI technology. They prepared us thru mock interviews, HR discussions and finally helped place us in Wipro

uxfactory testimonial from Prudhvinath S

Prudhvinath S


Awesome staff, excellent teaching and guest lectures play brilliant role. Placements and career guidance are fantastic. Finally a best and reliable platform to build one's career.

uxfactory testimonial from Yamuna G

Yamuna G


I had fellow students in my batch coming from different backgrounds like ECE, Mechanical and only due to UXfactory's training methods and material everyone got placed!

uxfactory testimonial from Y Jaswanth

Y Jaswanth


The training flow followed by oppurtunities were very good. Mentors were helpfu - provide hands-on activities, career preperation. Highly recommend UXfactory to all my friends.

uxfactory testimonial from Sandhya S

Sandhya S


I am plased to be part of UXfactory. Mentors are very dedicated and provide regular assignments/projects to prepare us for IT industry. I got placed in HCL.

uxfactory testimonial from Laggala Susmitha

Laggala Susmitha


I had a great experience being a part of UX Eng Bootcamp offered by UXfactory. They really helped improve my knowledge and helped me placed in top MNC.

uxfactory testimonial from K Venkatesh

K Venkatesh


Great time with the mentors. They organised regular hands on activities and mock interviews. They taught us UI technologies along with interview facing skills.

uxfactory testimonial from Seshu B

Seshu B


Thank you UXfactory for providing quality training and great deal of knowledge with lots of opportunities. You were always there to clear my doubts immediately.

uxfactory testimonial from Prasanna Sagi

Prasanna Sagi


Way of teaching is good and career preparation is top! Just like me, many joined with a dream of landing jobs and they helped every single student achieve it. Great job!

uxfactory testimonial from Naveen



Their way of teaching is really awesome and they guide us very well esp to deal with the interviews. Overall, THE best platform to land a job as a fresher.

uxfactory testimonial from Rajesh Madine

Rajesh Madine


Students are expected to communicate in English. Their focus is to prep you to be industry ready! Their curriculum is advanced! Anirudh and Praveen are high valued!

uxfactory testimonial from Siva Gangadhar

Siva Gangadhar


I just wanted let you know that the mentorship provided from day-1 to till the end was a very positive experience for me. I intend to take more classes in the future. Thank you 👍🏻

uxfactory testimonial from Sunil H V

Sunil H V


The tech industry is awaiting you.

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Key  Features 

Instructor-Led Live Classroom

Interact with instructors in real-time. They are industry experts and deliver hands-on learning.

Learn Through Doing

Learn theory backed by practical case studies, exercises, and coding practice.

Advance From The Basics

Learn concepts from scratch, and advance your learning through step-by-step guidance.

Learn UI technologies

Curriculum Designed By Experts

Our courseware is always current with the latest tech advancements. Stay globally relevant!

Mentored By Industry Leaders

Learn from the best in the field. Our mentors are all experienced working professionals.

Job & Interview Assistance

Our interview assistance can help you overcome your fears and crack your dream job.

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